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I combine diaphanous dreams with heavy reality in my ‘Stranger’ collection — that reflects on the psychological and emotional states of being human. Trying to understand the feeling of confusion and sadness caused by immigration from one country to another. I tried to record my diary of a Stranger’s life. Emptiness, alter ego, distortion, fear, sadness, excitement, etc. Created historic mirrors with many layers; these layers symbolize my history of daily looking myself . And black body figures were first made by 3d scanning technique and then was transformed with my daily sense in 3d design program by myself. I tried to make a right form as I have felt as a stranger on a computer. And then it had been 3d printed. This is a record of stranger life in a new place.






Stranger, aluminum, steel, installation and brooches, 2013

* photo by Kiet Duong

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